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Great thread guys, I just wanted to add some info to the question being asked.
PNEFD is correct, you will most likely encounter technical, behavioral and situational questions, depending on how many interviews the Municipality has for the position. I.e Toronto uses one interview only and has for the last 10years, while departments like Markham, Hamilton, Oakville and London still have a 1st and 2nd Interviews.

I would prepare a little differently. I reccomend preparing for Topics rather than the TYPE of questions. If you prepare for a topic you will find that your answer will be more sincere and sound less rehearsed. You will score more points while answering a question if you sound knowledgeable on a topic.

Keep in mind that there is a requirement for all employers to screen potential employees on the basic understanding of the job. This will vary with each Municipality and the direction they may get from Council, Fire Chief and Director of Human Resources, but the below topics I assure you are a safe bet for 75% of the questions.

Always, be prepared for a minimum of the following in any format. ( technical, behavioral or situational)
1: Safety on the job. (Fireground, PPE, Reporting unsafe acts. )
2. Experience working in a diverse workplace.
3. Harassment in the workplace. ( your experience with, what would your do)
4. Emergency scene scenario. (Fire, rescue, medical/ On or Off Duty )
5. Personal and Professional attributes/qualifications.
6. Knowledge of Critical Incident Stress. Your recognition of the job related stresses and how you would deal
7. Role of a new Firefighter/ What you would expect in this new position .
8. Stregths and Weaknesses

Good luck !


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