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Default What are the benefits of say the iaff for a small dept

Hey guys so I finally lived out my dream and became a full time career firefighter I got hired on a few months back but the grass really isn't as green on the other side as it seemed. I moved from a province to another for the job and it seems there were a few things that I had not foreseen from reading my contract.

It's a small voley dept with 2 paid guys ( me and an other guy) that work Monday-friday 7-4 seemed like a great place to get some quality experience in. Now here the catch I moved to the area and appare try I was a few km (under 5km) out of our fire district so I was forced to move closer to the city, for some odd reason from one city to the next my rent almost doubled and I can hardly afford to live now but the dept has been clear on my salary for the next 4 years set at 35k and slowly going up to 39. I was also told I had to become a "active volunteer" which means attending a set percentage of calls but they now say the calls I do during the day do not count for my percentages but they do add to. My overall call volume, I am also expected to attend 75% of the volley training nights on my time Off. In my contract it was wondering quite differently and I was to work A 45hr work week but now I am regularly at the hall 50-60hrs per week and on call 24/7 responding to calls in the middle of the night and then having to Pull through my 9 hr day afterwards only to have the same thing repeat the next Night. For this reason I can't really get a part time job to help me make ends meet.

Is this one of those things that I just have to suck up and endure for the next few years or should I seek some help through various channels possibly talking to a union rep to see if our department could become affiliated. I know being a firefighter is hard but I've yet to see the kind of schedule and requirements for a job that offers so little in terms of advancement. I'm not looking to make a fortune but I did expect to get fairly compensated for the work I put in
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