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Originally Posted by brechmos
I was wondering if people could suggest the best route to go to get a DZ license in Ontario (I am in London). Cost is a bit of a concern and I have no idea how much the truck driving schools are...

I did volunteer firefighting in the US (though I am a Canadian - and proud of it :-), moved back up here for job, but am finding I am really missing the firefighting and am thinking about starting to apply for career FF.

I suppose one other question, would you suggest going for DZ (minimum requirement) or getting the AZ if it is not that much more time and money.

Thanks for any thoughts!
AZ means annual medicals & testing and the costs associated with it.....unless you plan on using it - I'd stick with the DZ

As for getting your license - go get your Z through a community college - they run the course there and most have signing authority to issue the licenses. Around Ottawa it's in the $175-250 range.

Then get a Rental truck and do your driving portion after that. The amount of money that trucking schools charge for the license is theivery.

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