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Just cause I'm curious, and don't live in Ont, what is the DZ or AZ liscence? I'm guessing taddem axle?

In my case, I have a 3/4 a/e liscence....

3 - taddem axle vehicle (our ladder truck)
4 - ambulance (also taxi & bus upto 25 passenger)
A - Motorcycle (550cc's & up)
E - Air Brake Endorcement

Oh and I also have an corrective lenses restriction.

what's nice is that the class 3 is the highest that I'll ever need; however, it does require medicals - only upon renewal though... so every 4yrs.

Also, forgot to add that I borrowed my FD's truck to do the road test and the ambulance, I borrowed a local ambulance services back-up truck to do the test! Could be something to look into.
Joel Gallant
Dieppe Fire Dept
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