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Default Question About Credentials

Hi everyone,

Last June I graduated Lakeland College's Emergency Training School and received all of my certifications including the NFPA 1051 Wildland Fire Fighter Level 1.

Now I see under hiring qualifications you need an S100 class. Would I need to take that or does my 1051 mean I'm good to go?

Also, I've heard many people go to Australia during the winter to do forest fire. How would you go about applying there and is there anything I should know about attempting that?
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You need your Sp100 course plus your WFX-FIT testing to get hired.....
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Hello. If you look back at the learning materials you received, s-100 would be part of your core curriculum. 1051 supersedes the s-100. As far as your fitness, as mentioned prior, I know Sask runs you through the fitness. In regards to working in Australia, I did that in between fire season. It is quite difficult and everything needs to line up. First, you need to have a work permit; I went under a Working Holiday Visa. To be let into the country, you need to have a visa approved, and to be considered for a position, you need to be in the country as well. Hope that helps.
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