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scroll down to the bottom of he page for the "online interactive training"....our crew watched it a few weeks ago....pretty good.
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That presentation has alot of good information in it. We have asked our guys to look at it before I do the awareness training with them. PFD, do you guys have a SOG on dealing with them at all? I have ours drafted, just need the Officers to agree to it. Scary stuff though.
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we dont really have sog's written yet but will soon as a solar farm is moving into our area.

we watched the UL material and our township chief went to the conference you spoke of with denis so he had that material to present aswell.

it spoke about water stream angles and distance while fighting pv panel fires aswell as over haul etc.

I feel the most important bit of information is that in canada there are no regulations on how these things must be installed, the UL stuff is based on california law and we are miles behind that.

for example,there may be a bare spot on the roof with no pv panels but they may have conductors mounted right to the roof decking, where California says 10 inches below the roof decking.
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Pickupman. That is awesome your Chief went to that training seminar with St. Denis. We are still trying to get him to come out to Alberta, just trying to find some funding. I hope he brought back alot of information from the seminar!!

We have a few towns arounf us that are really growing with the solar panel buildings, and we have a few right here in town with more popping up. I am wondering if your Chief would be willing to share some of the paperwork he received with us out here?
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