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Default Peak Workload

So i was offered a peak workload position in Sioux Lookout. What does that mean exactly?
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You didnt think to ask when they offered it to you?

I would think it would just be working like an EFF when its too busy for there normal crews to handle they will call you in. I could be wrong tho
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I've worked for the fire program almost 8 years now and never heard that term used. I assume it was someone meaning it like the old "EFF" system. What they do is put you on a list and if things get so busy they can't handle the workload with local and regional crews they'd call you in, train you up, and you'd get attached to a crew until they didn't need you anymore.
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I guess I thought it was a more commonly used term..

I was told i would be given training and one month of employment; and then depending on how the season goes i would be kept for the season or not. I was more just wondering if anyone had any experiences with that.

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yup, that is an eff position. My base brought in 3 last summer and they worked about 2 weeks before they were let go.
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