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Default Alberta Industrial companies hiring

Hey all

Just wanted to see if anyone knows if any industrial fire departments in Alberta are looking to bring new inexperienced fire fighters any info would be appreciated.

Thank you
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Received 369 views on this and not one helpful hint or suggestion lol
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Consider the economic climate... many industrial departments are treading water on hiring and others are actually cutting staff.

Now was not a good time to inquire.

As oil scrambles back up towards 50 bucks and holds people sitting on the outside of the hiring fence may see that gate open a crack... A little birdie recently told me of at least one industrial department who will likely be hiring a good amount of firefighters soon so stay tuned.

Few industrial departments will be interested in "new and inexperienced" firefighters. Most will have a full 1001 / EMR if not higher requirement with any actual experience whatsoever an asset.
B. Bloggins
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Default Thanks bloggins

Thanks for the heads up I do have my emr certificate and my 1001 certificates but they are from a longtime ago and like I said I have hardly no experience. Please if you can keep me posted on the industry that is soon looking to brining more people on board I would really appreciate it

Thanks again
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