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Default Paramedic to Nursing

Is it possible to go into an RN program after completing the paramedic program if I do not find a job or decide to later on move to something else? Would I have to complete all 4 years of the nursing program or just 2 more after the paramedic program? Thank you in advance.
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Yes, there is nothing stopping you from going into a BSN program after completing a paramedic program. I know several people who have done that. None of them received any credit for the paramedic program. Two very related, but very different jobs.
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Okay thanks! Was just wondering if there was a bridging program so that I would not have to do all 4 years, but yeah they are different so makes sense to having to do all 4 years.
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I wrote up a long reply and I misread your initial post (thought you were going from RN > Paramedic). Oops.

That being said, the answer is... in Canada, no. In the USA, yes.

There are numerous bridging opportunities for paramedics in the USA. But unfortunately, transferring your paramedic to the USA is not really possible because it's not a NAFTA job. If you were a nurse looking to become a paramedic, you could transfer your RN to the USA and then see about bridging (what my initial post was about).

You could, however, take your paramedic training in the USA and then transfer it back to Canada, while maintaining your license in the USA. Then if you ever wanted to, you could take advantage of one of the "Paramedic to RN bridge programs" in the USA, like the ones below:

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The big difference comes down to this: Paramedics/RPNs study through a college, while RNs, study at a university (or collaborative program, ultimately leading, still, to a degree).

So in Canada, you can't bridge these two programs/professions yet, but what you can do is if:
1) You took your highschool courses as "University" Level courses, apply to the RN program, but you still have to do four years.
2) You took your highschool courses as "College" Level courses, you can finish the paramedic program, do the RPN (college) program, then bridge after that to the RN program (they have RPN to RN bridging programs, cumulatively 5 years- 2 in college, and three in university). Kind of cool you'd have three licenses..

The reason why most BScN programs will not allow you to do the program in less than four years (regardless of degrees/diplomas) is because there are clinicals each semester that you must finish. These are not offered in the summer, and so, the student that fails clinical in second semester of first year must then wait the following year, to re-do their clinical in second semester.
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Yes, it is possible. Now a days, nursing jobs are easily available over the industries. And some job portal specially providing nursing jobs. so you can also try this.

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Sorry so RNJobs is there a link to some new legislation that says para's may xfer with so many years into nursing... I'm actually switching from PCP to nurse just because of the sheer amount of jobs available to a nurse. I could go anywhere and find a high paying job, and as a male with EMS experience.... should get a nice gig fairly quick.
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