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Default Waiting time for a call.

Hey guys
So I applied for a Direct Entry in December of 2014 I have done all the process to getting in. I was not considering Direct Entry at first but the Recruiting officer told me that since I had a great score with my aptitude test that I might be able to apply directly for the trade. reason being is the qualification that I have, the lady that's handling my application I always fallowed up I fallowed up in March and the response I get is that I am still on review, and again I fallowed up in August and still the same answer, Now I know that a lot of guys get put on the waiting list for a while as a different trade but how long am I looking at to be in a waiting list.

Thank you very much.
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It may be a long wait.
You will receive a letter in the mail stating that you made the meritt list. From there the wait depends on how many platoons are scheduled for the year, and how many spots open for fire fighting.

From my experience , I was jerked around and had my time wasted.

I was merit listed and waited over a year for a call.
I got called to renew my interview medical and i had to submit the security clearance papers again ( a pain in the arse because its bloody long).
Interview medical and security clearance expire every year. So renewing them takes time due to the gaps in having them scheduled.

I was pulled out of my interview and was told to redo the aptitude because something changed in recruiting.
The recruiters were wishy-washy about it.

I dont want to sound like a broken record but in the end I wasn't considered (despite having the certs and experience)

Im guessing if that "change" didn't happen, I wouldve probably been waiting another year.
Security clearance takes time (approx 1 month but in the military it can take months due to the high number of applicants )

I hear that the trade will be cut and go the DND route.

Anyways good luck with the CF
I wouldn't hold my breath but stranger things have happened

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Thanks 8888 I just received a letter stating my application is put on hold and that the trade is currently not being processed so, oh well.
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Sorry to hear that mate.
But at least you received a letter regarding the recruitment, and not waiting a year (or more) for nothing , right?

The military recruitment can be quite the gong show .

Hopefully things will look up for us.

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