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Default BCAS what? Physical?

I was wondering if someone that has recently went through the BCAS hiring process could let me know how long it took for BCAS to contact them after the initial interview.
I had an interview yesterday and I think it went pretty well. I had done a lot of prep, and used the star format. The interview was long, (hour and 15)!
I've been pretty lucky so far. Im only EMR, but they contacted me the day after I submitted my application, and I had an interview date within two weeks of that.
I'm just this the typical rate of the process, or does it bog down at a certain point? Seems like things have been done pretty efficiently so far, and Im really preoccupied with that interview! Chomping at the bit for some feedback!
I was thinking that I will eventually have to take the physical testing, so maybe focusing on "training" for that might get my mind off the interview. Anyone have an inside scoop on what the applicant is to perform in the assessment? Is it different depending on gender?

Push ups x ?
Sit ups x ?
Step test for how long?


Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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