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Default CF Firefighter Promotion/Pay

Hi there,

Just curious about a few things, if anyone could clear them up for me it would be appreciated!

1) Military Police get promoted to Corporal right after BMQ and then receive retro pay for their time spent at BMQ. Why don't Firefighters get promoted to Corporal after BMQ, or do they?
-I'm assuming the reason is because MPs require their college diploma in order to get hired with the Forces, where as a Firefighter can be direct entry, with or without a diploma, thus having to be trained anyways. Correct?

2) Spec pay. I've heard rumours that Firefighters may be receiving spec pay in the near future, that it's in arbitration. I have also heard that they got shot down and have to wait another 7 or so years before asking for spec pay again. Any clarification?

3) Anyone know where I can locate some information on the Fire Academy course start dates?

Any help is appreciated !

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Are you in BMQ?

Then you should probably ask your section commander.

But I will correct a few things.

1 - If you are in BMQ, then you are a military firefighter. There is no arbitration for you. How did you not know this?

2 - Why do you think military firefighters should get promoted to Cpl after basic?

3 - Also, why do you think military firefighters should get spec pay? IPlease do explain your reasonings, I'm really curious.

As for your course dates worry about passing BMQ first.
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you have good questions,
Number 1 rule with the CF is that never give credit to what you hear.
Always ask for the Canforgen or other related documentation about stuff.

Yes doing your BMQ crs is first thing to do, you would still go to Borden, Ont post BMQ for crs and evaluation.

Spec pay, ??? ask recruitment center, they are the one most up to date.
same for getting promotions.
Google the CF recruitment center in your area and they will be more then happy to answer your questions.
The answer you can get from a forum...lol are not very good answer.
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Smile CF Firefighter Promotion/Pay

I just retired from the CF Firefighter the Firefighter trade will not be getting spec pay as per Ottawa. You will get promoted to Cpl after 4 years of service When you get posted to Borden you be attached to the Fire Academy and then a message will be sent to you before you Graduate with the course dates. Hope this helps .
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you should concern yourself with passing BMQ and doing as your told for the next 4-5 years instead of looking for spec pay and a promotion
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Anyone know where I can locate some information on the Fire Academy course start dates?
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DWAN access:

borden.mill.ca --> something (maybe training units?) --> CFFCA --> upcoming courses
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