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Hey there, just wondering if anyone can shine some light on Med Tech in the CF. I just completed my pcp through JIBC and I am a supp reservist so I have a direct route in. My application has been pushed and i am just Wondering if someone has some pros and cons of pursuing this trade. Thanks in advance.
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If you're not deployed, You will become an expert at taking blood pressures and assessing patients in a clinic for UTI's and such. That's gonna get pretty old, pretty quick. If you deploy somewhere interesting, you will probably see a tonne of trauma but will be pretty light on the medical which is a street medics bread and butter. Having said that, if you're a young guy, there's something to be said about putting in your 20 years and coming out with a pension at a young age. I'm partial to street medicine as it's the path I took. You can't buy the kind of experience you'll get from working in a big town.
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