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Default Healthy Firefighters!

Just testing the waters here, but I've come up with this idea to raise money for fire departments that don't have enough money in the budget to fund a sufficient fitness area. I'm all about promoting firefighter fitness and prolonging our careers, but most importantly, I am for prolonging the time away from the job in the long run. With this fundraiser, I plan to try and put a dent in cardiac related firefighter LODD. Have a glance and tell me what you think and if you're for the idea, don't forget to donate. After a goal of $33,000.00 is reached, I will be open to applications from departments nationwide to start dividing up funds.

Tyler "Firefighter126"

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Good intentions, but I don't see it panning out for several reasons. #1... the public wants to know where their money is going SPECIFICALLY. #2... honestly, volunteer stations should be able to get their own equipment, either through the city/town, or through donations... #3 volunteer stations don't have FF's sitting there in the building. So volunteer FF's can use their own equipment at home (which every FF should have I assume) or else get a local gym membership etc. It's also about priorities to be honest. I've seen a lot of volly stations without a proper gym, but they have a big plasma TV, pool table, recliners, etc. So if a volly station can acquire all of that stuff then they should be able to acquire a gym.

But that's just my opinion good luck.
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I have to agree with Adam82.

$33,000 is a lot of money to the public and they don't see the value of the services we provide. Too many times I hear people whine about how Firefighters have so much spare time and they should be physically fit for the job their entire career. I hate to say it, but a lot of the guys on the job just get lazy with their bodies once they get on.

What you could do is just outreach for old equipment donations. Some people just want to get rid of it as its a pain to take apart equipment and if you have the tools and truck to take it away, their happy. Or, if your near by city has any recreational centre's, ask to see if they have any aged equipment that they are looking to sell. You'd be surprised how much depreciation happens with used gym equipment. If you save up some money, then this will make the money go further.

Best of luck.
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This forum is specifically for places hiring....not raising money...
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To the OP good luck.

In and around the station and home with a little imagination there are trucks for box jumps, equipment of varying weights and sizes to lift, room to move, run stairs, sprint or whatever.

Not sure why dedicated gym space and expensive gym equipment are always touted as the cornerstones to a healthy body program. The key is attitude and lifestyle, not access to gym equipment. Just saying...

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This forum is specifically for places hiring....not raising money...
"The Firehall.com Forum > News & Events > Events, Charity & Fundraising"

Pardon ?
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