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Default ULC testing on portable pumps

A while back we purchased a CET pump with a 46 hp Volkswagen engine (portable pump) and was wondering if this kind of pump could be ULC rated. First time posting. 🚒
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Yes it can be ULC tested as it is purely a 3rd party test to ensure the equipment will do what it says. ULC testing is usually done with items specific to life safety. eg: fire pumps in a building or pumping apparatus. Do you plan on fighting fires with your portable pump? If so it may be a viable option but there is a cost.
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not cost prohibitive I would think.... Great post!
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It is my understanding that ULC looks at more than the equipment; such as manufacturing practices, quality controls (ISO kind of stuff), etc.

At nominally $3K+ for having your apparatus mounted fire pump certified at the factory I'm not sure it would be affordable for an in-service portable pump, although I am sure they would give you a quote.
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