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Default "COPY" on radio

Hey everyone,

Our management team recently have made changes that prohibit us from saying "COPY" over the radio and instead want us to use terms like "ROGER", "AFFIRMATIVE" or other plain language.

My understanding of "COPY" after 18 years in the emergency services is that its an acknowledgment of understanding or having heard a message. Our management team suggests that "COPY" literally means "COPY" and that if it's being said the message received should be copied and repeated. Everything that I can find online suggests that I'm correct in my understanding but I'm wondering what others think and have experienced?

It's hard to change old habits and I'm not liking being pulled into the office and spoken to about occasionally saying "COPY", especially when it doesn't appear to me that I'm doing anything wrong.

I intend to live forever - so far, so good.
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