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Default BC Equivalency - Drivers License

I am looking at applying to Prince George Fire and Rescue Services in British Columbia (currently a resident of Ontario) and one of the requirements lists the following:

"Candidates from outside of BC must be licensed to drive a truck with more than two axles. Applicants are required to provide proof of the BC equivalency along with their application package."

I currently have my AZ license in Ontario, which I am pretty sure is the equivalent to the Class 1 in B.C. My question is has anyone had to supply "proof" of this to a department, and if so what did you use that was acceptable?

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The AZ license will be accepted as a BC class 1. I just moved from BC, and transferred my BC class 3 to a Ontario DZ with no issues or retesting, so I would think it would be the same going the other way with the other class. As for proof, my experience with applying for BC fire halls is they just want a drivers abstract, and/or a scanned copy of your license.
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