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Old 09-05-2010, 03:44 AM
golf252 golf252 is offline
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Default City Of North Vancouver Fire Department Question

With regards this Dept, with one firehall, it runs two engines, an aerial, rescue, technical rescue unit and a host of other support vehicles.

My question is regards staffing and shifts operated by this dept.

1. Are Both Engine 9 and Engine 10 staffed by full time FFs 24/4, or is only one engine staffed and the second, E10 kept as a reserve, or is E10 staffed by Part time/Volunteers on call??

2. What is the crewing arrangements for the Rescue and Truck, do they respond together as a rescue recourse, or are they seperate entities??

3.What is the crewing for the Engines and Truck, is it officer and 4 FFs or officer and 5 FFs

4.What is the shift pattern operated by the full time staff??

5.Is the Dept set to replace any of its apparatus, it seems to have a quiet modern ALF and E-one fleet??

Thanks in advance for any info.

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Old 09-07-2010, 05:03 PM
Siahnide Siahnide is offline
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This department is 100% paid full-time union employees
im not a firefighter there, but am some what familiar with their department.

- Enigne 9 is the first out pumper. Captain, 3 ffs.
- Engine 10 is second out pumper. Lieutenant, 3 FFs.
- Ladder 10 is the same crew as L10. Depending on the call (3 story or more, this truck is used)
- Rescue 10 is Lietenant, 1 FF. Medicals and MVAs
- Tech Rescue 10 (Im not sure but i think would be staffed by Rescue 10) Haz-Mat, High-Angle Rescue, Mass Casualty and Fires. i believe it Has a SCBA refilling station on it.
- Engine 11 is the reserve pumper.
I believe the Fireboat is also ran by the Engine/Ladder 10 Crew

Shifts are 4 on 4 off
2 day shifts 8am-6pm followed by 2 night shifts 6pm-8am

Im not sure about new apparatus. I would think MAYBE rescue 10 due to higher milage.
and I guess the next pumper would be replacing E11, making E10 reserve, E9 2nd out and the new truck first out.

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