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Default Order question..

Hey guys/gals,

I've been reviewing some interview questions, and was looking for some possible input. The ol' "What would you do if you were given an order that would put you in danger, and/or was morally wrong?"

I realize most everything deals with chain of command, but in this instance I would find it necessary to decline the order(s). Anyone have some thoughts?

Thanks for your help everyone.
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Arrow Order Question

If I were given an "order" that put either myself or my crew in danger then I would advise command that I could not carry it out. I would explain the reason why I would not carry it out, and ask to discuss the situation at the conclusion of the incident. I will not knowingly put my crew or myself in danger.

As far as "moral", can you give an example ? One example I can think of would be provision of an emergency medical procedure where I neither have the training, skills, or proper equipment, ie: performing respirations without a pocket or bag valve mask.

Stay safe !!

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