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UL Warns of Fire Extinguishing Media Wetting Agent

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Posted by Roadwarrior on May 31, 2006 @ 5:52AM


NORTHBROOK, Ill. - May 25, 2006: Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is notifying Fire Service and distributors that two Fire Extinguishing Media Wetting Agents manufactured by Pyrocool Technologies have not been evaluated by UL and bear an unauthorized UL Mark for the United States and Canada.

Name of Product: Pyrocool FEF and Pyrocool FEF-5

Number of Units: Unknown

Manufacturer: Pyrocool Technologies, Monroe Va.

Date of Manufacture: June 3, 2005 to February 3, 2006

Hazard: The Pyrocool FEF and Pyrocool FEF-5 wetting agents have not been evaluated by UL. The performance characteristics in fire situations for these wetting agents are unknown.

Identification: On the product: The product is marked with an unauthorized UL Mark and one of the following descriptions:

Pyrocool FEF For Fresh and Salt Water
Pyrocool FEF-5 For Fresh and Salt Water

Consumer Contact:
Pyrocool Technologies
3540 South Amherst Hwy
Monroe, VA, 24574, USA

Telephone: +1 800 289-7976 (U.S. Only), +1 434 929-3352
Fax : +1 434 929-3362
E-mail :
Website :

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