Nfpa 1072

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Nfpa 1072

Postby FireWiz » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:02 pm

Hi there, I'm a long time reader of his site...very helpful. I'm a 2015 TEEX grad. I've had a couple of interviews, etc. bt no job offers yet. Anyway, I'm always looking to upgrade my resume and usually get advice from a family member (District Chief of Training). He advised me last week to get my upgrade from NFPA 472 to the new NFPA 1072 as that will be in the new 1001 Standard and in future recruitments. I looked on the NFPA website and did see that the new 1001 standard has 1072 referenced in the new firefighter qualifications.

Anyone know of a online 1072 course? Thanks

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