Hello hello to all!

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Hello hello to all!

Postby WestCoastRain » Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:34 pm

Sending out my hello to everyone here and those who peruse the site without joining up!

Who am I?

Good question. Who am I becoming? Much greater depth of answer!

Constantly creating and figuring that part out.

I've wanted to be a part of the Fire Service since I was 15; having the local department (Thunder Bay Fire/Rescue, shout-out!) come to my grade 10 careers class to do their presentation. I went to the main fire hall with my mother at about 1700hrs to inquire of a tour to which a firefighter with shaving cream on answered the door and kindly offered some help (to whomever that was, thank you). Fast forward through a local firefighter interested in dating my mother (wish she would have said yes :P ), a retired Captain offering his insight over cups of coffee, and a move across the country to Vancouver Island I kept the dream alive and well.

Upon arrival to this beautiful island.

I send out a HUGE THANKS to my local high-school (career counselors/principals/teachers) for going above and beyond the call to get insurance coverage for myself and the A'OK form Victoria Fire Department to do a four-day rotation!!
Despite the first of four days lost in communication the next three were some of the most memorable moments in my life to date.

I rode code 3 with the crews. Helped make lunch (it was soup and I was entrusted with NOT letting it burn on the bottom-as one could imagine I made damn sure I kept stirring). Got to go up to full extension on the aerial platform and control it for a bit (learned that you can have four firefighters and no water or two firefighters and water-moment arms/weight I am sure!), rode around with Fire Prevention and visited local restaurants and learned how their prevention systems work (still notice them to this day when ordering out).

All in all it was FANTASTIC!! I'd ramble on but will keep the nostalgia in my heart to myself lest I bore anyone with the details :-P

Then came the next few years. Did some post-secondary, started with the local Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue unit (regrettably didn't follow thru-life throws curve-balls), got involved with a couple intense long-term relationships (note to youngers trying to join, your 19/20-25/26 even beyond, is filled with the ability to experience new things-DO IT! Don't over-commit yourself so young you have much, much to learn over the grandeur of time (says the 28 year-old, lol) and from those relationships I lost my direction. Not their fault, but a result of lack of knowledge/respect of/for myself, the times, and my own personal struggles during those years.. we all have them. Learn from them and you can progress. Follow their trench, best of luck. Life is tough.

Moved to Vancouver for nearly a couple years supporting myself and my girlfriend through her schooling at the time by driving 5-ton trucks all over the GVA delivering furniture and appliances. Great experiences, hard work, learned how to move well, made a few solid friendships from it, and most importantly, the new beach home of Wreck :P
Haven't been? do yourself a favor and try it once in the nude: no-one cares nor remembers other than you :P The most liberating experience of my life to date.

Fast forward a couple years, working patient transport services, learning to garden, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, learning to fly airplanes, a steadily increasing physical fitness regime, and more it brings us to today.

Recently I started and am most the way through joining the local Primary Reserve Force as an Infantry solider. I wanted to try one of the hardest, most hands on trades available for a few reasons: the suffering alongside and supporting my fellow teammates (what a high), the training awarded if earned, the experience, the challenge, the ability to help our community and those across Canada in natural disasters, and to a degree, even combat. Scared of combat for sure and its ramifications during and after, but I cannot deny the inkling of interest. I do believe, as has been stated many a time before me so I parrot it: "evil will persist so long as good people stand idly".
Now to what extent, government involvement, political/societal/economical impact there is on war/creating war, I cannot say. So that is something one contends with when joining such leagues of being and is something I contend with. But if my experience in life has taught me but one thing, you do not know until you try no matter the extent of your mental masturbation of an idea.

I am still working on myself day in and out, working to create and discover the direction of my life and the best ways that I can contribute to the betterment of our homes and families, to our community and a country at large. I'd love to become a firefighter, career or volunteer, it hasn't been decided yet. I understand the level of competition to join a full time department and the level of responsibility that is bestowed upon they who takes up such, so I am not wandering into this haphazardly. Am I the best one for their department? Am I ready to commit? Myself and time will tell.

Lest I and we forget, it starts with making your own bed in the morning and making yourself into your best self.

So, ALL MY BEST wishes to those who have gone before I, are currently serving, currently trying to be apart of and to those who aren't even born yet, in the Fire Service!!

Kind regards, look forward to being apart of these forums :-)


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