5 minutes safety talks

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5 minutes safety talks

Postby VFFPV » Mon Aug 25, 2014 6:52 pm

Any other departments do a quick 5 minute safety talk each shift? If so, what are some of the subjects that get talked about? We usually cover slips trips and falls, exposure risks, etc but just looking for some other ideas to maybe help keep things fresh for my crew. Any help is appreciated

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Postby hmckay91 » Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:18 am

We use that concept as well. Our five minute drills are presented before our weekly skills maintenance training.

Generally, we rely (steal) from firefighterclosecalls.com and target important but not often mentioned or trained, safety, operational, and other items of interest/import that meet our needs and operations. Over time other topic are added as needed. (e.g. Anhydrous Ammonia placarding, pipeline safety, etc.)

The below sessions are pre-made and available, and normally the more junior members (on a rotational basis) are assigned the task of researching, presenting, and facilitating the five minute lesson.

Here are 50 of them, YMMV, good luck.

Q1.N01.Welcome – User’s Guide
Q1.N02.Backing Up Apparatus
Q1.N03.Hoseline Standards
Q1.N04.Roadway Operational Safety
Q1.N05.Thermal imaging Cameras
Q1.N06.Thoughts on Smoke
Q1.N07.Initial Radio Reports
Q1.N08.The Dumpster Fire
Q1.N09.Hoseline Backup Position
Q1.N10.Fire Ground Hazard Identification
Q1.N11.Structural Response to Aircraft Incidents
Q1.N12.SCBA Face Piece Maintenance
Q1.N13.Reading Smoke Basics
Q2.N14.Off Road Operations
Q2.N15.Basement Fires
Q2.N16.Defensive Driving
Q2.N17.Severe Weather Operations (Summer)
Q2.N18.Through the Lock - Forcible Entry
Q2.N19.Ground Ladder Positioning
Q2.N20.CO Alarm Responses
Q2.N21.Gas Leak Emergencies
Q2.N22.Primary Search Methods
Q2.N23.Fire Extinguishers
Q2.N24.Basic Foam Operations
Q2.N25.Venting Windows
Q2.N26.Commercial Strip Fires
Q3.N27.Initial Fire Attack Quiz
Q3.N28.Lock out Tag Out
Q3.N29.Alternative Power Supplies
Q3.N30.Ladder Rescue Basics
Q3.N31.Attached Garage Fires
Q3.N32.Truss Construction
Q3.N33.Transitional Operations
Q3.N34.Safety - Falls from Apparatus
Q3.N35.Basic Standpipe Operations
Q3.N36.Forcible Entry Scenario
Q3.N37.Exposure Protection
Q3.N38.Master Stream Attack
Q3.N39.Power Saws
Q4.N40.12 Essential Skills
Q4.N41.Collapse Indicators
Q4.N42.Winter Cold Operations
Q4.N43.Vehicle Fires
Q4.N44.Survival Knowledge
Q4.N45.Big Water
Q4.N46.FF Actions and Reactions
Q4.N47.What's on your Bookshelf
Q4.N48.Interior Benchmarking
Q4.N50.Overhaul Operations
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Postby VFFPV » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:33 pm

This is great info! Thank you very much!

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