Firefighter Helmet PET (PET=plastic cans)

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Firefighter Helmet PET (PET=plastic cans)

Postby Lion » Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:46 am

I have the title wrong, my country is the reality in which we operate as a firefighter for over 9 years.
Forum rules still does not allow me to attach a link and do not know how I can post a picture on the forum to show what kind of headphones gate for me and my colleagues protection.
Why did I come to write your forum? I need and I want a quality helmet and one quality cost approx. $ 340, in the condition in which I earn about $ 500 a month, I can not afford to buy a new one.
There are among you, firefighters who have retired and could sell the equipment used, which has a relatively good condition?
Helmet, Nomex, gloves? I would be willing to buy for that I consider, even if used, significantly higher than those you have equipped.

Hoping that you will be receptive to my message waiting opinions, offers.
Excuse my English using Google Translate and I hope that soon you can attach some pictures supplied equipment to see what I mean: headphones that melt in your head, gloves which autoaprind hands and others

Finally I understood how to attach some pictures, something I did
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