What The Chief of Mississauga Fire is Looking For

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What The Chief of Mississauga Fire is Looking For

Postby denis57 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:42 pm

As many of you know Mississauga Fire will be hiring in the near future.

At the Firefighting Career Expo on Feb 26, 2016, Mississauga Fire Chief Tim Beckett along with Shawn Matheson (former Assistant Chief Professional Development) spoke. Check out the article here.

​Here were some of the highlights:​

​Beckett and Matheson told expo participants that post-secondary education and leadership skills stand out in candidates. "For me, some of it has to do with succession planning," Beckett said.

"There's a shifting culture [in the fire service] and that's where we are heading," Beckett said. "Diversity is going to play a huge role in this and it's not about quotas, it's really about quality and excellence."

​So what does this mean for you?​

​If you have had any leadership roles either through your volunteer or professional experience, make sure you really highlight this in the respective achievements section of your resume! This seems like a qualification they are going to be on the look-out for.


​They will be looking for candidates with a diverse range of experience. If you're feeling discouraged because you do not have a firefighting background , don't dispair. From Plumbers to circus workers everyone stands a chance.

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