New recruits / Junior firefighter opinions

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New recruits / Junior firefighter opinions

Postby TheGuy » Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:39 pm

Hey guys and gals,

I was just thinking that I'd like to post a little rant here, take it for what you will. If it doesn't agree with you, chances are you're probably one of the individuals that I'm referring to...

If you're a new hire, or a junior member on your fire service, and you come across in your daily activities or line of work, something that just doesn't make sense, or could be done better, SPEAK UP. Do NOT just say to yourself "oh well that must be how it is" and just move on with your life. If you wonder why something is the way it is, or you wish to just vent about something that frustrates you, you should say something. I'm so god damn sick of the dinosaurs on this job telling the junior members to just shut up and be greatful that they even have a job. I beg your flipping pardon? Chances are it was A LOT fucking harder for you younger guys, or IS harder to get a job than it was for these 30+ year veterans on the service... Don't let ANYONE downplay your efforts or opinions just because you need to "get some time on". You are entitled to an opinion and your own point of view. If an older member tries squashing your opinion or your thoughts or feelings on something specific, respectfully you can disagree... Don't just damn well fold because "you've won the lottery and should just shut up and be thankful you have this job".

If anyone has any questions, concerns, comments or personal attacks, I would love to field them all... Especially attacks on what's been written, because just remember this... time on doesn't = competency, and respect is EARNED not given based on seniority.

/End rant.

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