Recruitment/ Resume/ Interview prep

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Recruitment/ Resume/ Interview prep

Postby 17-O » Mon Sep 14, 2020 2:11 pm

-Hello candidates-

Offering Resume assistance and Real interview question prep work.

I have the experience and knowledge of what you will need to know to prepare yourself for your dream career.

I offer knowledge on what to expect for OFAI testing and how to play their game.

Resume- how to build a resume for each departments, how to increase your chances of scoring the interview. Departments receive many resumes, let's make sure yours gets a look at.

Interview- how to prepare yourself for a Firefighter interview. Interviews are where you seal the deal to get that job offer, don't let an opportunity slip through the cracks.

my price is $150 for this, I offer FaceTime/phone call/text/e-mail conversation.

I'm not like other resume agencies that just build you a resume and then onto the next customer.
I know what it takes to get hired and its a challenging road to navigate, I've been in your boots before and its 100% worth the journey. Let me help you!

after going through everything, I have absolutely no issues with communicating throughout your process for additional help of becoming hired.

A little about me-
I've gone through this process, I've failed to receive interviews, then I've failed to pass interviews, its defeating for sure. But keeping at it eventually scored me a career with the Department I wanted to be on. I learnt the game throughout my failures in the past, if you're struggling like I did in the past. I can definitely help you.

Message me here or at

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