Paramedic career choices, Ontario vs Alberta

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Paramedic career choices, Ontario vs Alberta

Postby wannabemedic519 » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:40 pm

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums here and looking for advice on how to go about becoming a PCP.

Let me preface this a little first:

I'm living in Ontario and have applied to college(s) here to get into a paramedic program. Unfortunately I'm up against other folks with biomedical degrees and competition here is quite stiff. I had the grades, but still did not get in this past year. Ultimately, I'm looking to end up in Ontario as a PCP and work my way up to ACP, and who knows, if I have the brains for it, CCP.

In the meantime, I have some other opportunities that have presented themselves, and this is where I'd like the advice.

I'm planning on moving out to Alberta so I can actually make some money, working on the heavy haul rigs. Between then and now, in the coming months I'm going to get cert'd as an EMR, work as a slave with a patient transfer service for sh*t pay so I can get experience with patients - albeit stable, geriatrics - but still. I believe this can be important, every little bit of experience is helpful. I'll also be volunteering with SJA here to gain more experience and have further interaction with patients.

Here's where I kind of hit a wall though. Do I take my EMR cert and try to find work in the oilsands as an industrial responder, and work my way up through that? Do I work heavy haul, and once I have money put away, get into paramedicine in Alberta and then eventually transfer back to Ontario? Do I bypass the oilsands entirely, and try and get a job on a bus as an EMR and pay for school with that while getting experience and upgrading to an EMT? Or do I just use Alberta for the cash, and then come back to Ontario once I get accepted into a program?

Thoughts/advice from anyone is appreciated. If anyone else has been through this experience or something similar, I'm interested in chatting further.

Thanks in advance!

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