Ambulance in river

What would you do?
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Ambulance in river

Postby Shelvpower » Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:12 pm

Hi everyone, Im a 17yo student from south africa with about a year of volunteer/ride along experience at my local FD Im going to give you guys the following scenario and see what you will do if you were the officer in charge of the scene.
A ALS ambulance transporting a MVA patient to the hospital was hit by a minibus from the side and landed in a river (the river isnt flowing strong but precautions must be taken to secure the ambo) The ambulance is partially submerged with two crew members and the patient inside.

Due to the incident taking place about a mile away from the first accident your crew will be at the scene in about 2minutes...

So what will you guys do to secure the ambulance and rescue the patients that is inside. Upon further inspection you notice that the drivers feet is stuck and hydraulic equipment will be needed to free him.

Attached is a picture of the scene. (Okey the *cabin* isnt that damaged like in the picture)
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