Why do you like Fire fighting in YOUR province?

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Why do you like Fire fighting in YOUR province?

Postby Fireboss1980 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:49 pm

As we all know the styles of Firefighter differ from province to province. I just wanted to start a little discussion. I have worked in Ontario for more than 10 years and have fought fire from BC to Quebec. I might be a little bias, but I love ontario! Here we typically use
1 1\2inch hose and wajax pumps on our fires. However we are blessed with lots of water. The scenery out west is nice, but im not a fan of the lack of water at times. However I like how the west has kept a higher fitness standard and how much they get to play with the drip torches (always fun). Ive also always enjoyed staying in the bush on a line camp rather than going back to a base camp everynight. Anyway discuss.

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Postby TheBatman » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:36 pm

I worked out of Manitoba and really enjoyed it! Very similar to Ontario using inch and a half and wajax pumps. In the north there's tons of water. In the south it was a bit of a different story we'd still use hose but we would have to run off tankers which can be challenging. I did have the chance to travel around as well, and I agree I like staying in the bush to a base camp anyday. Manitoba also has very few crews so you got to travel around the province constantly which was fun too, always maxing days out and making tons of money!
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Postby bcFRST » Sun Feb 09, 2014 3:15 pm

Like the folks up top said, fire is fun no matter the province.

It's funny what Fireboss was saying about Ontario vs BC. I agree but have opposite tastes. I'd much rather dig guard, burn and hold than pull hose and pump haha. There's something awesome about hiking up a mountain with a 460 on your shoulder, a drip torch on your pack and a hand tool in your hand... in 30' temps and 10 RH... and not needing anything else.

That being said, head to the north and your in skeg/shield country. So I suppose what I like about BC most is the variation. From desert and sage in the south, to coastal terrain and timber, to the pine/d.fir fuels of the cariboo, to the mountains of the SE to the black spruce rippers of the north (and changing your tactics and tools to match the fire- so different).

And yes, like all wildland'ers we like spiking out (camping), firing (playing) and working (hard).
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Postby ranger71 » Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:46 pm

I agree with fireboss, I'm an Ontario guy but only for 2 years now.

The hose and pump works well for me because I'm a tall guy and I'd rather lean against a hose and be a hose donkey, than be bent over with a hand tool 6" shorter than it should be any day.

I agree that camping is much better than basecamps, but I also think the 4 person crews are a much better way to work. Whenever I have worked in larger groups everyone ends up gravitating into smaller groups anyway.

I love getting to fight fire in other provinces and the US, but as a trip not permanently.

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