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Postby unglunk » Tue Dec 30, 2008 11:50 pm

Hello people. I'm currently working in SK as a PCP and have been here for the full 9 year span of my career, but recently, i have decided to check out the mystery province of Manitoba. One old coworker of mine recently took the unknown plunge and went to Winnipeg, and says it's a great place to work and that MB has a lot to offer. I have recently applied for a license to work in MB, which was surprisingly easy, not like Alberta, and am now playing the waiting game with that end of things; i have already got an interview for a full time PCP job set up for the 20th, so not bad so far; i like how they will give you a temp license, as long as you're eligible for a license.

I would love any feedback from anyone currently working EMS in MB, not just in Winnipeg, and how the general work environment is. I have also not been unable to locate specific wages, but hear they are more or less the same as SK which i love, mainly due to the cheaper cost of living in MB. Is this true or am i way off? Is Manitobas district ran system as sweet as it sounds? Is there a proper pension because of this? Something similar to the urban police services i hope.

In SK, you spend most of your time kissing the ass of a boss you hate because it's all privately owned; this is the main reason i'm leaving. In SK, EMS is the farthest thing from a team effort i have ever had the misfortune of being exposed to. Every one competes with each other on calls instead of truly working together to get the important thing done, proper patient care and transportation. I have also seen first hand hospitals asking certain owners to transport a patient to the local airport to be air ambed out, as opposed to going by road to a hospital that is normally 3 hours away, only to have the owner argue that they would rather take the long road transfer because it will give them more of a profit; who cares about the patients best interest, a horrible but true reality of private EMS in SK. I have worked for 4 places here, one for 8 years that was great but really went south in quality, One for 1 year which was refreshingly outstanding, and 2 others on the side as a casual, both horrible. Sorry about the SK rant, but i feel as though the EMS industry has really let me down in this province. The funny thing is that is used to be so much better when the wages were horrible; people got in to it to help others and to give something back to their communities, and now people do it because it's a short course and they can make 50 plus k in their first year; there are a few rare exceptions to this, but it seems like they are few and far between. I hope MB has what i'm looking for.

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