AED and Firefighters Alliance

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AED and Firefighters Alliance

Postby ElevAED » Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:09 pm

I'm an AED consultant with a focus on high-rise buildings, which I consider to be needlessly dangerous places to have a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Why are they dangerous? Because EMS can't reliably get there in time, what with city traffic, address confusion, entrance and elevator security, etc. I don't think that situation will ever change, because when a person is lying otherwise dead, patience isn't going to help.

So I separate EMS vehicular rescues from AED rescues, if and when the device is available in-house. There is every prospect then that a shock will be delivered in time.

So I'd like to see FF's adopt AEDs as part of their inspection routine, and I have proposed to the International Fire Code people that they include a provision for AEDs in every elevator lobby by 2013. See my website ( for the details - an alliance with FF's & the AED industry makes sense for me.

Do firefighters attending SCA's sometimes get the feeling that things could be done differently?

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