Career Change, CTS College vs Community Colleges, and More!

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Career Change, CTS College vs Community Colleges, and More!

Postby Siefer » Tue Feb 14, 2017 4:44 pm

Hi there,

I am a 25 year old seeking a career change to become a paramedic in Ontario. I recently graduated with a 4 year Honours Bachelors in Health Science and Kinesiology degree and have been employed at a healthcare company for about a year now. However, I am quickly realizing that a job sitting in an office all day is not something I see myself doing and have always have had strong desires about a career as a paramedic. I am now realizing that if I do not pursue this now, I might never have a chance again. I thought since I am going through the trouble of messaging and you and asking for your advice, it is appropriate to provide a little background information in terms of who you are talking too.

The real matter I am emailing you about is that I have questions regarding the 1 year CTS paramedic program. I have only within the last 2 weeks have seriously begun considering this career change and unfortunately the deadline to apply to community college programs such as Humber, Centennial, and Georgian have passed. I have spoken with the coordinator at CTS (a very nice lady) and got a bit information regarding the program but obviously she is biased and I would appreciate a different perspective.

My questions are:

1) As a 25 year old, the one year program intrigues me for obvious reasons but will I be prepared for the job? Academically, I have always been very strong so if I continue that streak do you believe I can be successful?

2) The cost is intimidating (20,000 when it is all said in done), do you believe that the cost is worth the trouble?

3) How are the job prospects? Will I be discriminated against in the job market or I will have even chance?

4) I am interested in the Barrie campus, will I be forced to work in that area after graduating or do I have a realistic chance of gaining employment in the GTA?

5) How is the PCP job outlook in general right now? Will I be able to find employment and support my family? I do not think I can afford another career change after this point (haha).

6) Salary. Is it true that PCP make 70-90k a year? Is it true that an ACP can make 80-100k? and CCP 100-150k? How much can I expect to make in my first year of employment?

7) I have read that gaining F/T employment is difficult and pretty much everyone has to start working at P/T until you "earn your stripes" so to speak. Realistically, how many hours can one expect to work coming out school?

Like I said, I have only recently been entangling myself deep into the reality and specifics of this profession even though it is something that has been on my mind for a while. I would love for you to address the questions I outlined above and give me any other important advise or information you deem I should know before I embark and pursue this profession.

Thanks so much,

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