Canadian Industrial Paramedics

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Canadian Industrial Paramedics

Postby Firefriens » Fri Jun 05, 2015 6:29 am

I work for Canadian Industrial Paramedics and without giving too much away about who i am, i just want to tell you NOT to bother working for this company. From day one they have lied to us all. They are by far the worst company i've ever worked for. They cut our pay saying it came from the clients, i know for a fact that's a lie. They are forcing us all to pay for courses while we've been employed by them for a long period of time already, they told us if you don't you're out of a job, forced us to buy our own safety gear and if we didn't we're out of a job, they have now taken away our statutory holiday pay if you have that day off, totally illegal. If you stand up and say anything they can your ass or move you onto different jobs with no steady paycheck and eventually you'll leave. Most of the guys are looking for other work because moral is at an all time low and tempers are about to explode. Very poorly managed company and the management have zero people skills...... They believe an employee must be loyal to their employer, i disagree. To achieve a loyal base of employees you must treat them well and then loyalty is a natural progression into happy work environment, there are many more reasons not to work for CIP but then i'd be giving my identity away....................
If you're looking for a good employer then this company is not for you, there are way better companies out there that pay far better and respect their staff far better. I for one can't wait to get out of here............................................

Good Luck

Stay safe brothers and sisters

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I Agree

Postby EMTFF404 » Tue Jul 07, 2015 11:08 am

I have to completely agree, CIP has been a gong show for many years. they have not increased their starting wages in over 7 years in talking with past employees, if anything they have decreased them. EMTs used to make 350, now making close to 325 mark, Firefighters used to make 375, now under 350. EMRs below 250. As stated they want you to take all these courses after you have already been hired and wont reimburse you for any of it, or they will supply you with courses but you have to sign a 2 year contract with them. its tooth and nail to try and get decent coveralls, they dont back up there employees or have a back bone, The owner cut the wages then went out and bought a corvette, if you try and negotiate anything you get skidded. Have really been hoping that ISOS would have helped out the guys currently working for CIP but from what I've heard nothing has happened.
They also wont pay for travel when it is listed in the labour board if you are supplying a service, like driving an MTC, you have to be paid.

Glad I dont work for them any more. hope the guys that do start getting treated right soon!

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Postby GreddyHovs » Fri Jul 10, 2015 8:37 pm

I did a quick 1 month tour with CIP as an EMR about 4 years ago prior to gaining fulltime employment. Couple little hiccups here and there but all in all, I was fine. I can easily say I did enjoy myself, mainly due to the others I was working with. I was working with a great group of EMT's and a few Paramedics that recognized I had the desire to learn and they were great about it. Sure you can get blue in the face listing the negatives, but realistically most practitioners are only working for them as a stepping stone. You can earn a paycheck and experience with them. Next to no experience from calls but you can always learn a lot from those around you. Take advantage of every learning opportunity.

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Canadian Industrial Paramedics

Postby Hitman01 » Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:16 pm

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! I have been in EMS for the past 13 years having worked City, Rural, and Emergency Departments… The last 2 years I have been doing Industrial and started with CIP a few months ago… Lowest industrial wages I have seen to date and add pay cuts on top of that... The schedulers have NO IDEA what your rotation is… isn't that their job!?!? Try emailing, phoning, or texting the Supervisors - better chances of winning the lottery than getting any response from them… I have emailed payroll regarding miscalculations on my pay stub and reimbursement for courses I've taken… never got a response from them either! Buy your own uniforms, pay your own gas, and the list goes on and on… CIP has been a complete let down and I'm on the bandwagon out of this company…believe me the bandwagon is full of staff on their way out!

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