Other Wildland Employment Opportunities?

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Other Wildland Employment Opportunities?

Postby Colouch » Wed Apr 04, 2012 4:42 pm

Hey guys,

I've been viewing these forums for info for a little bit and just registered today. Was working over in Ecuador and met someone who told me about the Fire Ranger job in Ontario, started training when I came back for the fit test, passed, and submitted my application. Problem is I'm a little behind the eight ball in terms of timing; got back near the end of February and took some time to prepare, book my course, and didn't want to submit my application until I passed the fit test. Didn't realize that most of the hiring was done by the 2nd week of March but now I've really got a desire to do this.

So I'm wondering, what are some other opportunities for doing this? I've been talking with all the MNR headquarters and it seems I've got a chance but only if someone drops out. I know there's private places you can work for, I'm trying to research it myself but if anyone has an info I'd be grateful to hear it. Also I know sometimes assistance is to given to the US when they need help; I'd rather work here but is it possible to work in the US doing this? Looked around at the other provinces but didn't see any opportunities.

Thanks for any advice guys! Hope it's a safe season and everyone makes some serious bank.

Also if it helps at all...my qualifications are minor experience with GIS and trail management, experience working outdoors, first aid, valid g licence, fit test passed to natty standard, a university degree in Environmental Studies, and I'm taking the s100 this month. Thanks again.

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Postby pistenbull » Wed Apr 04, 2012 7:05 pm

You could try asking if there are any jobs available on the bases. I've heard of some guys getting jobs in a support position like in the warehouse or in an office role. While this may not be exactly what you'd like, you'd get an "in", have a better chance of getting a job next year and some of them pay pretty decent. If you have all your training in too then they could always ask you to join a crew if if its a busy summer or if someone drops out.

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Postby NorthernRanger » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:13 pm

Don't put all your eggs in one basket, so of course apply anywhere you can to ensure work for the summer. That being said bases, especially in the spring, are always fluctuating. Sometimes people don't show up, sometimes people get jobs in bases they prefer to be at and quit the base they started at, some show up and don't like the job right off the starting line.

I know my base is doing interviews for positions still, 2-3 open, and at least 1 more opening come the end of May. Whether or not the hirees have been decided yet I can't say as I'm not part of that, but I know they are still deciding. Shoot out tons of resumes and hope for the best. Remember, highlight the important stuff on a resume for the type of work you are applying for. Camping, travelling, labour experience, jobs that require safety standards and gruelling hours, small engine work, GPS useage, and teamwork are all keys to a crew member position.

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