Navistar (International Regen)

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Navistar (International Regen)

Postby Proudvolunteer » Mon May 30, 2011 4:52 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for any information on the international chassis regeneration system. All of our trucks are on the international chassis. Our newest one is a year and a half old, and we still haven't had to do the regeneration on it. Can anyone explain how I know when to regen it? And how I go about doing that?

Also...when I have the truck parked at a scene....should I be turning any switches on? Like inhibit regen?

I've noticed that a couple times when I pull 'er out of the bay and it sits for a few minutes...sometimes it will rev up to approx 1200 rpm and just stay there and if I hit the brake, it will then idle back down.

This may seem weird, but those of you that have these durastar/navistar chassis should know what I mean.

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Postby CKL958 » Wed Jun 01, 2011 12:41 pm

Not an expert on this. Believe most vehicles out there will do a "rolling regen" if driven long enough, get hot enough etc.

I do not believe we have had to do a regen on our 3 year old truck with DPF yet.

Both our trucks have a light that indicates when a parked regen is going to be required within a certain time frame, and another that will come on to say "REGEN NOW"

Also was told (going by word of mouth here) to high idle trucks whenever not driving as it keeps the exhaust hot and lessens the likelyhood of requiring a regen.

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