Employee Disobey's Fire inspector "Discontinue carpenter shop immediately "

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Employee Disobey's Fire inspector "Discontinue carpenter shop immediately "

Postby Admoore » Wed Oct 21, 2015 11:01 pm

Hi all.

Sorry title is meant to say EMPLOYER not EMPLOYEE
I am new to this forum and being a Red Seal carpenter I hope this new post is ok.
My name is Andy and I work in a local hospital, here in Vancouver BC.
We had our carpenter shop moved locations from a perfectly good location, lots of ventilation, great dust collection system etc, to the basement level with inadequate systems in place.
A email was sent to our management and supervisor after a inspection from our local fire inspector with various issues of the hospital not to do with our shop but also stated in there " discontinue use of carpenter shop immediately "

We got wind of this as we where still working in there after asking a few times is there anything we should be worried about management said no,( they where getting the floors cleaned 3 times a week, swept and mopped, never had we have this happen in our last shop ) anyway I applied for a FOI from the city and got my hands on a hard copy of the email which said exactly as stated above.
Since then everything has been switched over but not until we worked in there for 3-4 weeks, un beknown to us that they had the email/letter from inpsecting stating " discontinue use of carpenter shop immedinately" and this was all because it wasn't happy with the " BEAM " home vacuums they bought for our dust system, Yes I said BEAM household vacuums.

Anyway long story short it was pushed under the table with a bunch of BS crap and so forth.
So what I am wondering where can we go from here ?
WSBC said its not there juristriction.
Who can we approach as our lives and saftey we feel where put in jeopardy ?
Your help is much appreciated on this matter.


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Postby infernobuster » Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:27 pm

If you dont comply with the order given, you may find yourself locked out of a job.

You are putting yourself at risk, and the entire hospital at risk while operating under these conditions.
In the right conditions dust in those conditions can go off like a bomb.
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Postby hmckay91 » Fri Oct 30, 2015 5:16 pm


Is your objective to have a safe workplace or to embarrass or otherwise inconvenience your employer for perceived transgressions or unpopular decisions?

If its the former; then in the code compliance/enforcement world owners/tenets are required to have reasonable time to correct any deficiencies. As an example for non-life threatening issues you may have weeks or even months to get changes or repairs completed. Certain deficiencies are serious enough to be issued an "order to comply". You state "Since then everything has been switched over" which seems to indicate everything is now compliant.

If its the latter; without a copy of the report its hard to say whether the "discontinue use of carpenter shop immedinately"; is a recommendation, an "order to comply", or have anything at all to do with life safety.

Based on what you presented here the process was not transparent and you as an employee were not explicitly made aware of the contents of a fire inspection, however I am not sure you are required to be. Regardless, you need to understand the facts and process (not your interpretation of the situation). I recommend taking the high road otherwise good luck if your looking to take punitive measures against your managment.
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