Calgary Fire department truckin' along

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Calgary Fire department truckin' along

Postby five_alarm » Thu Jun 15, 2006 1:15 pm

CALGARY, AB - The Calgary Fire Department has three new trucks to spruce up its aging fleet.The shiny new engine, rescue unit and aerial trucks were introduced today by Fire Chief Bruce Burrell and Mayor Dave Bronconnier as part of a five-year plan by city council to re-invest in the fire department. Burrell said the new fire engine is designated for the station being built in Signal Hill while the other two trucks will replace existing and dated ones. The department has already received three trucks, in addition to the latest ones, and is expecting three more shortly.

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Postby ABFF37 » Thu Jun 15, 2006 2:05 pm

That's great news! Now if only we could get the mayor and the chief to stop showing them off to the city and at fire chief conferences across the country. My station is getting the new rescue in the article as well as one of the Bronto aerials. We're still running our 1987 rescue that leaks oil out as fast as you can put it in...let's get these rigs on the floor please! :rolleyes:

To be fair though, I will be honest and admit that we have seen more apparatus purchases with our new chief than we have seen with any other in years. Our fleet is slowly but surely being hats off to the chief for getting us the equipment that we need...not to mention securing extra funding for us in the middle of a fixed budget cycle.

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